Site offers remote working resource

5447248934_c01b11ff4e_oA website offering advice on managing remote workers, teams and companies has launched.

US Recruitment specialist FlexJobs has created to draw together information and best practice for entrepreneurs and companies interested in or already embracing remote work. It includes advice from more than 30 remote business pioneers, including Automattic, GitHub, The Cheat Sheet, Fire Engine RED, Geller Law Group, and Trello.

“Remote work is an increasingly important part of the modern workplace, and yet there hasn’t been much information available on best practices and strategies for companies who want to go remote,” said Sara Sutton Fell, founder of and chief executive of FlexJobs.

“As the founder and CEO of a remote company myself, I am proud to collaborate with other remote leaders to share what we’ve learned and to inspire other companies to see the opportunity available with remote work. is devoted to the entire life cycle of the distributed model, so any company or entrepreneur seriously interested in remote work can rely on it as a comprehensive and useful resource.”

As well as Q&As and a blog, the site will include remote job listings.

“Creating a successful, engaged virtual workforce didn’t happen overnight for Automattic and maintaining it takes work, but it’s worth it,” said Lori McLeese at Automattic, the company behind WordPress and other internet services. “We’re able to hire a stronger, more diverse workforce that is more productive and happier.”

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