video conferencing

Why hot-desking backfires

Empowering employees is more important than saving space says PGi’s Mike O’Boyle. Despite predictions that the workforce will increasingly consist of flexible workers – teleworkers, freelancers, part-timers, etc. – we are actually witnessing an era where enterprise and major companies… Read More ›

Lights, webcam, action?

Video isn’t for everyone. Giving employees a choice about how they collaborate is important and we shouldn’t force people to use video conferencing, says PGi’s Mike O’Boyle. I called into a meeting on my morning commute on the train one day,… Read More ›

Business without borders

By putting technology at the heart of a flexible working strategy, entrepreneurs Ben Jesson and Dr Karl Blanks have opened the door to a global talent pool and a truly international customer base. Andrew Millard, senior director marketing, EMEA, SaaS… Read More ›