Adapt to thrive

Companies can and should equip their teams to handle tasks flexibly, says Jesper Frederiksen, Vice President, EMEA, at e-signature provider Docusign. “A reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall”. The roots of this quote can be… Read More ›

Flexible firms report profit boost

Businesses are experiencing increased profits after implementing flexible working, according to a study by Vodafone. The mobile communications company surveyed 8,000 business professionals in 10 countries and found that 75% have introduced flexible working policies and use technology to allow… Read More ›

Sensor sensitivity

The rise in the use of workplace sensors caused controversy in January, when staff at the Telegraph found them attached to their desks without warning. The outcry led to their rapid removal. But are sensors a sinister Big Brother development… Read More ›

Why hot-desking backfires

Empowering employees is more important than saving space says PGi’s Mike O’Boyle. Despite predictions that the workforce will increasingly consist of flexible workers – teleworkers, freelancers, part-timers, etc. – we are actually witnessing an era where enterprise and major companies… Read More ›