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Flexibility is not just for Friday

Too many companies are paying lip service to flexible working, says Neardesk head of partnerships Nick McCormack. Employee demand is not enough – organisations must drive change. “Flexible working, yes, we’ve done that,” is often the response you get from… Read More ›

University scoops workplace award

Sheffield Hallam University has been awarded a prestigious Leesman+ award for the effectiveness of its agile workplace. Gabriella Jozwiak talks to director of estates Mark Swales. An academic timetabling team, electrical engineers, events management and surveyors are among the staff… Read More ›

Sensor sensitivity

The rise in the use of workplace sensors caused controversy in January, when staff at the Telegraph found them attached to their desks without warning. The outcry led to their rapid removal. But are sensors a sinister Big Brother development… Read More ›

Vision of work in 2040

Knowledge workers in 2040 will be in complete control of where, how and when they work, according to a report by Johnson Controls Global WorkPlace Solutions. Smart Workplace 2040 envisages a world in which personal choice dictates individual working patterns… Read More ›