Managing remote teams

Struggling with the practicalities of managing remote and distributed teams? Listen to our interview with a company founder who is making it work. Flexible Boss editor Heather Greig-Smith interviews Chris Mair, one of the founding partners of technology company DADI+ which… Read More ›

More millennials: more demands

Epson vice president Rob Clark looks at the ways businesses can manage Millennial workers and pre-empt future workplace demands. As demographics shift, we must acknowledge that a generation of tech-savvy people will dominate tomorrow’s workforce. The ‘Millennials’ (typically a group… Read More ›

Death of the desk?

Heather Greig-Smith reviews Remote: office not required, the latest business book from 37signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Depending on your perspective, Remote: office not required either states the blindingly obvious or promotes a revolutionary working concept. If… Read More ›