Business without borders

By putting technology at the heart of a flexible working strategy, entrepreneurs Ben Jesson and Dr Karl Blanks have opened the door to a global talent pool and a truly international customer base. Andrew Millard, senior director marketing, EMEA, SaaS… Read More ›

Death of the desk?

Heather Greig-Smith reviews Remote: office not required, the latest business book from 37signals founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. Depending on your perspective, Remote: office not required either states the blindingly obvious or promotes a revolutionary working concept. If… Read More ›

A worthwhile sacrifice?

The Growth and Infrastructure Act 2013 introduced a new status of employee from 1 September 2013: “employee shareholder”. Bird & Bird LLP employment lawyer Stephen Musgrave considers the impact of surrendering flexible working rights. Individuals opting for this status will… Read More ›

Time to care

A German scheme introduced in 2012 allows employees to take ‘family caring time’ and reduce their wages temporarily. Dalia Ben-Galim, associate director at the Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR), explains the benefits. It could be cancer treatment, the onset… Read More ›

Blend overtakes balance

American workers are outdoing their British and Australian counterparts when it comes to working during personal time. Heather Greig-Smith asks if demarcation of work and personal life is desirable. Research by Jive Software published this week claimed that more than… Read More ›