Functionality is not enough

In National Payroll Week, Richard Acreman, CEO of technology services company WM360, argues that company intranets and enjoyable communications platforms can give organisations the edge over their competitors. Partly thanks to a cultural shift in UK workplaces and partly due to new… Read More ›

Office or leisure park?

A new model for work will emerge to replace the drab office, according to a report by The Future Laboratory. Heather Greig-Smith takes a look down the rabbit hole. Commissioned by Aruba Networks, The Futures Report predicts revolutionary change in… Read More ›

Move with the flexi-times

Mark Edwards, general manager at, asks if businesses are ready for changes to flexible working legislation. Flexi-time. Work-life balance. Remote working. These are just some of the terms businesses up and down the country will be hearing a lot more… Read More ›