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  • Flexible firms report profit boost

    Businesses are experiencing increased profits after implementing flexible working, according to a study by Vodafone. The mobile communications company surveyed 8,000 business professionals in 10 countries and found that 75% have introduced flexible working policies and use technology to allow… Read More ›

  • Flexibility is not just for Friday

    Too many companies are paying lip service to flexible working, says Neardesk head of partnerships Nick McCormack. Employee demand is not enough – organisations must drive change. “Flexible working, yes, we’ve done that,” is often the response you get from… Read More ›

  • Flexible Boss Magazine: March 2016

    Welcome to the latest edition of Flexible Boss. This quarter, we take a look at the use of sensors in the workplace. Many companies are now using them to monitor the effectiveness of their work spaces and enable the shift… Read More ›

  • Is flexible work destroying the office? 

    In January, facilities specialist Direct 365 claimed flexible working is having a detrimental impact on the office environment. Here the company explains why, and three other experts give their views on the subject…   Phil Turner, head of digital, Direct365… Read More ›

  • Shared parental leave: one year on

    Give shared parental leave time and the trickle will become a steady stream, says My Family Care director Ben Black The harsh summary of shared parental leave (SPL) would be as follows: There was a lot of noise It was… Read More ›

  • University scoops workplace award

    Sheffield Hallam University has been awarded a prestigious Leesman+ award for the effectiveness of its agile workplace. Gabriella Jozwiak talks to director of estates Mark Swales. An academic timetabling team, electrical engineers, events management and surveyors are among the staff… Read More ›

  • Sensor sensitivity

    The rise in the use of workplace sensors caused controversy in January, when staff at the Telegraph found them attached to their desks without warning. The outcry led to their rapid removal. But are sensors a sinister Big Brother development… Read More ›

  • Generation Y – are they really so different?

    The desire for greater flexibility cuts across generations. Smart businesses will make the transition, says Amanda Seabrook, managing director and founder of Workpond. There is a large and under-represented group of people who do not want to work in the… Read More ›

  • Code ‘turns smart work into science’

    The Cabinet Office and business standards company BSI have launched a smart working code of practice for public, private and not-for-profit organisations. The ‘PAS 3000’ standard provides a strategic framework for modernising working practices across HR, property and technology. It… Read More ›

  • Zero hours – bad flexibility?

    The number of workers who say they are on zero hours contracts has risen to 801,000, according to official figures. The Office for National Statistics said this is up 104,000 on last year, prompting widespread criticism of the contracts, which… Read More ›