Making remote working a success

FB webinar May 11th

Leading and managing remote teams is an essential skill for the agile workplace but can feel intimidating. To get to grips with how to succeed, join our free online session on Wednesday 11 May.

Flexible Boss editor Heather Greig-Smith will be speaking to Chris Mair, founding partner of technology company DADI+, to find out how the company works on an entirely remote basis.

Mair and his team are used to managing the technology, employee engagement and communication challenges that arise when managing remote workers. This session will help organisations that are keen to embed flexibility and increase employee autonomy and engagement. From entirely remote teams to those experimenting with some mobile working, Chris will divulge his tips to help managers, departments and teams move away from traditional nine to five restraints.

Registration for the live session on Wednesday 11th May 11am-11.45am is free.

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