Code ‘turns smart work into science’


The Cabinet Office and business standards company BSI have launched a smart working code of practice for public, private and not-for-profit organisations.

The ‘PAS 3000’ standard provides a strategic framework for modernising working practices across HR, property and technology. It was developed as part of the UK civil service reform programme and aims to bring together best practice in smart working, changing the way teams work. As well as improving staff work/life balance, it said extending smart working will result in greater productivity and efficiencies for the employer.

John Manzoni, chief executive of the Civil Service and permanent secretary of the Cabinet Office said the new code “will help to turn smart working from an art into a science”.

Scott Steedman, director of standards at BSI added: “Smart working is about harnessing the potential of flexible working in a strategic way, to deliver benefits both for the business and for employees. Employing effective practices is a key goal for all businesses, and smart working is not restricted to one sector, it is applicable to all businesses regardless of size or sector.”

PAS 3000 will be accompanied by a maturity self-assessment tool for smart working that is still being developed. The code is available from BSI and costs £75 (non-member price).

The code was launched at the same time as the second annual ‘The Way We Work (TW3) Awards’, sponsored by BT and Cisco. The civil service awards programme recognises teams across government that are working in new ways.

The winners:

Best example of leadership in Smart Working:

Ministry of Justice, TW3 Team: a small team that have been working nationally with a variety of departments and councils, supporting Cabinet Office on the Smart Working and One Public Estate initiatives.

Best optimisation of property portfolio for Smart Working

Ministry of Justice, Commuter Hub Team: Commuter Hubs have been introduced to provide people with a better work-life balance, reduce demand for expensive space in central London and improve use of existing local offices at no extra cost.

Best utilisation of technology to enable mobility and collaboration

Cabinet Office Technology Transformation: A choice of lightweight devices and pervasive Wi-Fi sets people free to work in their own way.

Best culture of Smart Working organisation

Intellectual Property Office #adaptive: The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) is the body responsible for intellectual property rights including patents, designs, trademarks and copyright. The IPO Board challenged staff to devise changes that would help the organisation work smarter and be better able to adapt to changing future demands.

Image: BT

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