Office not required?

How to make remote working a success

FB webinar May 11th

Flexible Boss is pleased to announce the first in a series of online sessions debating the issues around agile working.

Technology company DADI decided to dispense with offices for good. Listen to founding partner Chris Mair explaining why he rejected bricks and mortar and how the company runs on an entirely distributed basis.

“We thought long and hard about the role of an office in the kind of company that we are and decided to give it a go without a permanent base,” he says.

Flexible Boss editor Heather Greig-Smith will interview Chris on the lessons other organisations can learn from this approach, looking at the infrastructure, culture and effort needed to make remote working a business success.

This session will help organisations keen to embed flexibility and increase employee autonomy and engagement – from entirely remote teams to those experimenting with some mobile working. Chris will divulge his tips to help managers, departments and teams challenge the status quo.

Registration for the live session on Wednesday 11th May 11am-11.45am is free.

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