The holiday juggling act

Richard Morris, chief executive of Evans Easyspace, says flexible workspace can help keep the business ticking over in holiday periods.

8046342097_4fee5209b7_oThe reality for many SMEs and entrepreneurs is that holidays require a juggling act between relaxation and ensuring that results stay on track. Switching off completely is rarely an option. Those who have tried to squeeze in some work over Christmas will be all too aware how difficult it can be.

Happily, there are quick-win solutions that can help to maintain peace and harmony on the home front whilst ensuring that everything is in place business-wise as well.

A flexible desk

One such solution is flexible workspace. Working from home is convenient but, too often, the working day is interrupted by the general rhythm of family life. In holidays, things are likely to be many times busier, and disappearing to do a few hours work can be next to impossible.

Here, flexible workspace can provide an answer. Professional workspace can be hired by the hour, and hundreds of locations across the UK mean that workers can be at a desk and plugged in in no time at all. Everything is supplied – from fast phone and web connections to refreshments – meaning minds can be concentrated on the tasks at hand. Far better to focus for an hour or two in a professional and productive environment than to attempt to work from home where distractions and temptations mean a one hour task might take several more to actually fulfil.

Long-term option

Having sampled flexible working in a holiday period, the chances are that many will continue to operate in this way. Whereas working from home can lead to feelings of isolation, flexible workspace often means sharing an environment with like-minded professionals, creating a vibrant and creative atmosphere. Who knows, working from such a space might mean that your next customer is sitting opposite you.

Putting in a few hours work over holidays is an inevitable consequence for successful business owners and professionals. The trick is to work in way that gets the job done to your usual exacting standards whilst leaving as much time as possible for relaxation and fun.

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