Job sharing: solution to part-time conundrum

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We are Alexander Mann Solutions and we’re passionate about helping companies and individuals fulfill their potential through talent acquisition and management. Today, over 3,000 of our talent management experts partner our blue-chip clients in more than 80 countries and help our clients attract, engage and retain the talent they need for business success.

We recognise that the world of work is changing and that enabling Part-Time working is proving to be one of the next biggest strategic talent imperatives

Workforce data clearly shows us that the demand for part-time working patterns is increasing and spans across generations, gender, seniority and employee demographic groups.  22% of the workforce would ideally like the option to work part-time, 10.7m people in the UK.

Looking into specific employee segments the data becomes even more compelling: 34% of experienced hires; 44% of baby-boomers; 33% of millennials and 60% of highly qualified women all would like the option to work part-time.

Data Source: CIPD, ONS, Capability Jane Research

The Part-Time Conundrum: Stuck Between a Rock and A Hard Place

While there is a clear business case for enabling part-time options in key commercial and senior roles; global corporations operating in high pressure, competitive environments can find it nearly impossible to agree practical reduced hour working solutions that are commercially viable for the business and workable for the individual.

So we find ourselves in the part-time conundrum, stuck between a rock and a hard place, with 34% of experienced hires interested in working part-time but only 2% of roles in the marketplace open to part-time working.

Job Sharing: Enabling Part-Time Working in Senior Roles

Over the past few years a number of progressive organisations have turned to Job sharing as a working option that enables the desired reduced hours working while providing round-the-clock cover that is so vital in today’s global marketplace.

We will be holding a free webinar on 9th December aimed at anyone wanting to understand more about job sharing, increasing the take up of job sharing in their organisation or exploring the option of working in a job share arrangement.

To attend one of our webinars please click on the links below:

December 9th 09:00 – 10:00

December 9th 16:00– 17:00

Or visit for more information


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