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FB_ebooksept2015_Cover4smallFlexible Boss has today launched an ebook on how to work flexibly, as part of National Work Life Week.

In association with headset provider Plantronics, the free guide contains advice to help you decide what kind of flexibility would suit you and information on making a flexible working request – whether formally or informally.

But getting the agreement is only the first step. The guide also contains tips on making your flexible working arrangement a success once it is agreed. That includes communicating effectively with colleagues, managers and clients; the technology needed to work remotely and the tools to manage your time.

The guide is being launched during National Work Life Week, the annual event organised by charity Working Families to highlight the importance of balancing work and home.

Founder and editor of Flexible Boss Heather Greig-Smith said: “The world is changing – more people are working flexibly and, increasingly, bosses understand the business benefits of an agile approach. But there is more to successful flexible working than getting your manager to say yes. Good communication, clear boundaries and the right technology and tools will make it sustainable.”

Sarah Roxborough, HR Director for Europe and Africa at guide sponsor Plantronics, added: “Plantronics evolved to become a flexible working organisation in 2010 and we have reaped the benefits since. Managers match employees flexible working requests with the requirements of the business and this provides a win-win environment.

“Our team’s experience is that flexibility requires careful management and must work for the individual and the business to be successful. Making your request in the right way and having the best tools to enable effective communication will go a long way to achieving the optimal work life balance you deserve.”

Working Families says a significant number of parents are unhappy with their work life balance despite the extension of the right to request flexible working legislation and the introduction of shared parental leave. The charity is calling for employers to adopt a ‘flexible by default’ policy.

Sarah Jackson, chief executive of Working Families, said: “The flexible working and family friendly landscape is changing and work life balance is now an achievable goal for people of all ages and at every stage of their working lives. Working Families hopes that employers and employees alike will celebrate National Work Life Week and use it as an opportunity to highlight the importance of balancing work and life outside of work and make it a reality for everyone.”

For more information contact Flexible Boss editor Heather Greig-Smith: 07717 456 339.

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  1. Could I commend workwrapping which is an extension of work-life integration that redresses the work-life balance but in a more subtle and dynamic way.

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