Timewise seeks flexible role models

Dandelion ClockFlexibility experts Timewise are seeking nominations for the fourth annual Power Part Time list.

Each year the list celebrates 50 UK men and women who are at the top of their professions, whilst working a non-traditional week.

More than eight million people in the country work fewer than five days a week, five million by choice. Of these, 650,000 are earning salaries of £40,000 FTE (full time equivalent) or more.

Recent Power Part Time winners have included: Katie Bickerstaffe, chief executive of UK and Ireland Dixons at Dixons Carphone plc; Clare Turnbull, managing director at Nomura; Thomasina Miers, co-founder of restaurant chain Wahaca; Alison Lomax, head of brand solutions at Google; and Richard Lanyon-Hogg, technical director at IBM UK.

Timewise co-founder and judge Karen Mattison MBE, said: “The calibre of people on the Timewise Jobs Power Part Time list continues to debunk the myth that you cannot work a top level job on a part time basis. The world has moved on. Not only are most innovative and future-forward employers using flexibility as a tool to retain brilliant people, but many are starting to use it to attract brand new talent too.”

She added: “We launched the search for the Power Part Time Top 50, seeking out role models of people who work flexibly in amazing, unexpected jobs – and who are happy to talk openly about their work patters of work, in a bid to help others. Four years on, our list continues to change the conversation from what is perceived as impossible when working flexibly, to what is possible.”

Lynn Rattigan, chief operating officer at EY, UK & Ireland, who is supporting this year’s list, says “The way we are working is changing. The age of presenteeism is being replaced by flexibility, where people are increasingly measured on their outputs rather than the time they spend in the office.

“But such a change, is a significant cultural shift for most organisations across the country. Real life examples of talented individuals who are working flexibly will help companies realise what can be achieved when people are given greater choice over how, when and where they work and the benefits that follow.”

The final list will be revealed at the end of the year, with an exclusive awards reception held at Facebook’s London offices.

Nominations close in September. A form can be obtained by visiting www.timewise.co.uk/power-part-time, calling 0207 633 4553 or emailing powerparttime@timewise.co.uk

Main image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/wwarby/

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