Power Part Time list published


The third annual list of top executives who work part-time has been published by social enterprise Timewise, with winners ranging from Nomura to the BBC and Cabinet Office.

The Power Part Time list names 50 executives who work non-standard hours or contracts, in a bid to bust the myth that part-time roles are only appropriate for lower skilled jobs.

As well as publishing the list, Timewise also revealed analysis of official statistics that shows salaries for part-time women are rising faster than those of any other group (on an hourly basis). Their salaries have risen faster than those of men working full time by nine percentage points – 38% over the last decade compared with 29%. Timewise said it believes women returning to highly skilled roles post-maternity leave may account for this trend.

The Power Part Time list is mainly made up of women (44 out of 50). There are seven men on the list, including a job share. Across the UK 74% of part-time workers are women. However, the number of men choosing to work part-time is rising, up by 8% to 975,000 in the last 12 months. Timewise predicts this will reach one million in the next year.

Timewise co-founder Karen Mattison MBE said: “The individuals on this list tell us their stories in the hope of catalysing genuine change in the market. Flexibility used to be considered as a benefit required by the few. Now 8.7 million full time workers want it. This is the way work is going – and the very best employers recognise that. It’s time for mass market change.”

Image credit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/31878512@N06/

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