Co-location ‘offers SME benefits’

regus news pic

Small companies believe collaborative workspaces are better for their businesses than traditional office leases, according to research by flexible workspace provider Regus.

It surveyed 2,600 small firms, 91% of whom said shared workspaces are better value for money. In addition, 82% said this kind of space helps them scale their business rapidly and 75% credit it with creating valuable business connections. Three fifths believe co-location inspires entrepreneurial thinking (61%) and innovation (60%).

Richard Morris, UK chief executive at Regus, said: “Deciding where to work is a fundamental question facing every small business. The ideal workplace should enable each member of the workforce to get their job done in the most productive way possible, working where, when and how it suits them. Fortunately, today’s business owners have a multitude of practical options available to them, in stark contrast to previous generations.

“Co-locating with other businesses is an increasingly popular solution and our research highlights that cost reduction and scalability are the primary drivers, but the secondary benefits are proving equally compelling.”

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