Take agility test, urges forum

Business Executives Running in a Race

A group of businesses has challenged other UK organisations to take a free agility test and embrace new ways of working.

The Agile Future Forum, which launched last year, aims to prove the business benefits of agile working. Its members point to significant changes in technology, customer demand, demographics and globalisation since the 1980s and say traditional models of work are no longer suitable.

Sir Win Bischoff, former chairman of Lloyds Banking Group and chair of the AFF, said: “The 22 founding members of the AFF are all very different businesses but we all share a common belief, that workforce agility is generating tangible economic benefits for us as individual organisations and for UK plc. We are working together to engage other CEOs across the UK in considering the value agile working can bring to their businesses and ultimately the UK economy. Today, we invite every business and organisation to take the AFF agility test to see how agile they are and to join us in realising the value of becoming agile.”

Sir Nicholas MacPherson, permanent secretary to the Treasury, said the UK has a chance to take a global lead on developing an agile business sector. “A collaborative effort between business, government and policy makers is required to ensure that we maximise the value that we know agility can deliver to our economy,” he said. “The AFF has a key role to play in facilitating and supporting the organisations as they transition from traditional models of work to those based on agility.”

Visit http://www.agilefutureforum.co.uk/ to take the agility test and find out more.

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