UK fails to cut commuting time

2010-10-04T08-40-56 -- DSC_0133 -- October 4th Tube StrikeThe average UK commute is now 30 minutes – four minutes longer than in 2012, according to research by workspace provider Regus.

The research is published in National Work Life Week and shows commuting is getting worse, despite evidence that shorter commuting times boost employee productivity, motivation and work-life balance.

A quarter of the 3,600 business people surveyed said their journey to work takes even longer – between 30 and 60 minutes and 15% regularly travel for over an hour each way. Employees in large firms report the longest commutes, clocking up a one-way average of 39 minutes.

Steve Purdy, managing director at Regus, said National Work Life Week and Wednesday 24th September’s Go Home on Time Day are an ideal opportunity for employers to encourage healthier working practices that benefit all staff.

“Cutting lengthy journeys to work should be top priority for any work-life balance initiative, which means offering staff a choice in where and when they work. Our experience of helping firms harness flexible workspace that promotes a more modern attitude to work shows that there are many organisational and practical challenges to address too – but the rewards are substantial.”

Regus customer Lucid Communications, a communications consultancy in West London, has adopted a virtual business model, dispensing with their old full-time physical office. Lucid’s staff and associates now work at home, at client sites or at business centres, where they also hold regular face-to-face team meetings.

Director Paul Townsend said: “The decision to close our office was initially cost-driven, but it quickly proved to be an all-round better and healthier way of working. The time we save on commuting translates into extra family time, or sometimes extra work time, and we feel less stressed and more motivated. Working remotely actually galvanised the team, as it requires greater effort to communicate effectively and that brought new discipline and focus. We don’t miss our old office at all.”

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