Mobile workforce driving into trouble

3363262014_6fc2d49f76_oMobile workers are putting themselves and others at risk by conducting business calls while driving, according to a survey by Regus.

The serviced office provider polled 1,800 senior managers and business owners, two-fifths of whom admitted to dialling into conference calls and speaking to colleagues or customers while behind the wheel.

A fifth of those surveyed said they have held important business discussions while one of the participants was driving. More than one in ten has recorded verbal notes using their phone at the wheel. Regus cautioned that these activities involve concentration that should be directed at the road and said managers should be aware of how their teams are working.

John Spencer, UK CEO at Regus, said: “The devastating consequences of being distracted whilst driving are well documented, with one study showing that those on hands-free phones are slower to break and are as affected as ‘drunk drivers’. Yet our research reveals just how common it is for people to put themselves – and other road users – at risk.”

He added: “The real issue is how employers are managing their mobile workforces. Too few companies pay adequate attention to how, and where, their teams work. Training, clear rules especially in regard to mobile devices alongside practical provisions such as drop-in workspace are all essential to ensure that staff work safely and productively.”

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