Ready for the wireless workplace?

Employees are demanding mobility and flexibility – are businesses ready to offer it, asks Chris Kozup, senior director at Aruba Networks.

Man holding objectSmartphones, tablets and other mobile devices have created a sea change in how people work, shop and play – and spawned the generation known as #GenMobile.

Encompassing people of all ages and occupations, #GenMobile is defined by its preference for mobility, both in terms of the devices its members use and how they use them. These tech-savvy individuals rely on their mobile devices for every aspect of work and personal communication. They want to be connected to everything all the time and dislike the constraints of the traditional workplace.

The #GenMobile profile

We recently commissioned a survey of more than 5,000 people in nine countries, unveiling some startling findings about #GenMobile, namely:

  • Desktops are dead: 84% said that, given the choice, they wouldn’t use a desktop computer
  • Mobility trumps money: Half would rather work from home 2-3 days per week than get a 10% salary raise
  • Mobility preferred over other perks: 53% would rather have their choice of device than daily paid lunch; 38% would rather be able to bring their personal devices to work than have an office with a window
  • Wi-Fi rules: 80% want to use Wi-Fi over a wired internet connection, and 60% prefer Wi-Fi over other connection types such as 3G/4G cellular
  • Mail goes mobile: Younger #GenMobile workers are 20% more likely to respond to work emails on their mobile device; 49% want the option to work remotely.

These findings show that #GenMobile is productive and efficient. They prefer personalised technology and self-service to boost efficiency. And they demand the flexibility to work anywhere. Employers who want to attract and retain these super-efficient workers must give serious consideration to their preferences.

They must also consider that#GenMobile workers push the limits of workplace Wi-Fi. They upgrade their devices frequently, download new apps daily and are rarely in one place for very long, which presents a sizable challenge to employers.

The solution: mobility-defined networks for a wireless workplace

Through putting mobile technology at the heart of the network (a ‘mobile-first’ approach), organisations can create an all-wireless workplace that accommodates #GenMobile and enables enterprise IT to meet the growing demand for mobility.

These so-called ‘mobility-defined networks’ exercise total control over the mobility experience by collecting and correlating real-time information about users, devices, apps and location. With this information, they automatically trigger security actions, establish new paths for apps across existing networks, and create customised workflows that adapt to the dynamics of mobility.

This gives #GenMobile a personalised Wi-Fi experience they can trust. It also dramatically reduces helpdesk tickets, automates time-consuming IT tasks that used to be handled manually, and strengthens enterprise security.

Are you ready?

Mobility is a big part of everyday life for #GenMobile, for both work and play. By designing an all-wireless workplace to meet their needs, enterprises can boost employee satisfaction, increase productivity and drive down IT costs.

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