Workplace stress rising, says Regus

displaymedia_30875Flexible working is critical in easing work-related stress that causes absenteeism and illness, according to research by Regus.

The office provider found over half of employers have reported an increase in stress-related illness since the economic downturn. It said 45% report stress is increasing absenteeism and reducing staff well-being.

The poll, of 4,000 people, found that 38% are losing sleep worrying about work. Common issues include worrying they will lose their job, lack of confidence in the sector they are in, and damage to personal relationships because of stress.

However, 69% of respondents said flexibility about working hours and location can reduce this.

John Spencer, UK CEO at Regus, said: “The length of the economic downturn and stuttering recovery have put immense strain on businesses and their staff, and underlines the importance of employers taking action to address the matter.

“The most effective way to do this is to extend flexible working options, with seven in ten workers convinced that this increases wellbeing and reduces stress. This trend is in evidence across our national network, with demand for flexible workspace growing – especially at key transport hubs – as employers recognise the benefits of letting staff work at more convenient locations.”

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