New working generation demands change

3475417696_203fe5ba8b_oDemand for flexible working hours has become a top priority, according to a survey by Aruba Networks.

Over half of those surveyed said they’d prefer to work from home or remotely two to three days a week than receive a 10% higher salary.

The report, Are you ready for #GenMobile? surveyed over 5,000 respondents worldwide. It defined #GenMobile as a group of employees with a high preference for mobility both in terms of the devices they use and their approach to work. They have a tendency for non-traditional work hours, demand flexible work locations over higher salaries and request reliable internet, asking for Wi-Fi versus 4G, 3G or wired connections.

In addition, the report said flexible working allows people to work at the times that suit them, with 45% of respondents saying they work most efficiently before 9am or after 6pm.

The majority of #GenMobile are in the early stages of their career, own three or more connected devices (62%), and feel most productive when working from home (57%).

“We’ve seen flexible working, BYOD and always-on connectivity growing for some time, but this report shows that it’s now become a way of life for those in the modern workforce,” said Ben Gibson, chief marketing officer at Aruba Networks.

“What this report suggests is that #GenMobile won’t have patience with companies who do not accommodate their mobile lives. In order to attract and keep the best employees, businesses need to start looking for solutions to ensure levels of empowerment and productivity in this emerging working world. Ultimately, many will have to totally redefine traditional work environments.”

The increasing demand for flexible work styles is most significant in the US, where 79% of respondents said they feel most efficient when working at home. Respondents in the UK are also above average in this regard, with 72% stating that the home office is where they can be most productive.

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