Putting teeth into flexible working

Roles that require workers to be physically present can still be flexible. Dentist Susy Madrugo explains how her employer’s attitude to flexible working is allowing her to fulfill career ambitions.

1314035946_c0f800aa63_oMy working week is a little more unusual than the average dentist’s. For the last couple of years I have been working two part-time roles at Integrated Dental Holdings (IDH), one of the UK’s largest dental employers. I’m an associate at The Dental Centre in Bristol four days a week, but I also spend one day a week travelling to other practices as a clinical support manager.

After working as a dentist for several years I decided to apply to become a clinical support manager in October 2012. I could see how important the role was and I wanted to support and help other dentists. Clinical support managers and clinical directors advise dentists on compliance or any other issues they might be having. This takes the pressure off dentists and it helps to know that you can turn to someone for advice and support. As a clinical support manager I assess dental practices to make sure that they are compliant with health regulations and clinical standards, I give advice to the practices in my area by mentoring and coaching dentists, and answering their queries over email and in person.

Structuring the role

The staff at my practice have been very supportive and encouraged me to take on the role while IDH have been very helpful. They’ve enabled me structure the role so it suits my requirements and they are very flexible about letting me alter my hours if I need to, and go on holiday at the same time for both roles. Without the support of my colleagues and my company, I would not have been able to juggle two part-time roles and I would’ve missed out on fulfilling this ambition. I’ve learnt a lot since I first started working as a clinical support manager and working part-time has allowed me to progress in my career whilst still working as an associate.

I feel exceptionally lucky to be able to work two fantastic part time roles. Not only is it slightly different from your normal 9-5 with no two days the same, it also enables me to meet a range of different people and work with a much more diverse team and share ideas with dentists from across the UK I otherwise would never have met.

I would encourage anyone considering part-time work to speak to their employers to find out more about their provisions for flexible work and what kind of support they can provide.Susy Madrugo 2

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