Technology: helping or hindering?

3382865257_7dedef23b0_oTechnology can help rather than hinder employees when it comes to work-life balance.

In a survey of more than 2,500 UK employees, 45% said their role has been transformed by technology over the last year. However, 21% feel technology enables them to achieve a better work-life balance and one in ten say it enables them to work more flexibly.

The research is part of The Workforce View 2013, published by human capital management solutions provider ADP. While older workers are more positive than younger about the role of technology in working life, some older workers feel their younger peers are more likely to be promoted quickly because of their tech skills.

It added that HR-related industries are most enthusiastic about embracing technology – at 38% for recruiters and 32% for HR. In contrast, only 15% of workers in legal roles and 20% in admin and customer services felt technology makes a positive contribution to working life balance. While 31% of IT workers were positive about technology, they were twice as likely to feel it blurred the lines between work and home.

The research also found that employees want the ability to work more flexibly: while around a quarter (24%) currently have some degree of flexibility over their working hours, 37% would like complete flexibility. Older employees are more likely to seek this adaptable working schedule.

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