Part-timers praised for motivation levels

Karlsson Clock 2Part-time workers are significantly more motivated than their full-time counterparts, according to a report by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM).

Beyond the Bonus surveyed 1,000 workers, and found that 76% of part-time workers classed themselves as ‘highly’ or ‘fairly’ motivated. This compares with 68% of full timers and is despite the fact that they are paid less than half as much on average (£10,793) than full-time employees. On a pro rata basis, the average part-time wage is £21,586 – £742 lower.

The ILM’s report added that part-time workers tend to have higher levels of respect for their manager and a more positive attitude to their employer than full-time workers. They are much less likely to be motivated by money – with 27% saying money is not important to them, compared with 13% of their full-time colleagues.

The ILM said part-time workers “provide a rich and engaged pool of talent for employers” and that businesses should consider creating more part-time and job share opportunities to tap into their motivation and positivity.

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