Bosses ‘trust’ flexible workers

2085854035_ac2611756c_oMost senior executives do trust their employees to work effectively away from the office.

That’s according to YouGov research commissioned by Citrix. It found that 63% of senior executives trust their employees to remain effective when working away from the office – demonstrating a growing acceptance of flexible working in business.

The survey was carried out among 200 UK-based SME decision makers. A further 28% of those polled also agreed that flexible working enables staff to improve their work-life balance and makes them less likely to miss important deadlines.

A quarter of the executives felt under more pressure to introduce or increase mobile, flexible working practices than they were five years ago – primarily due to demand from workers (28%) and the need to reduce budgets such as travel costs (17%).

Even many of the executives who were less trusting (21%) agreed that a flexible working policy makes sense for business continuity.

“As well as meeting demand to improve individuals’ work-life balance, the growing acceptance of flexible working among senior teams shows managers are now realising the commercial advantages it offers,” said Andrew Millard, EMEA senior marketing director for the SaaS division at Citrix.

“In the BYOD [bring your own device] era, employees using virtual technologies can work just as effectively away from the office as they would within it – in most cases contributing to lower travel and office costs for the business.”

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