Canadian cities commit to flexibility

6390689535_e9819537eb_oCanadian cities Ottowa and Halifax (pictured) have signed up to a flexible working programme.

WORKshift is a national social enterprise which creates standards, tools and benchmarks for flexible working in a bid to make the Canadian workforce more flexible and allow people to work when and where they are most effective.

Created and incubated at Calgary Economic Development in 2009, it aims to spread flexible working and solve transportation issues, working to shape public policy in this respect.

Calgary mayor Naheed Nenshi said it is an important tactic in “reducing congestion, improving the lives of citizens and simultaneously making business more effective and competitive”.

Robyn Bews, executive director of WORKshift, said: “For too long it has been confusing, convoluted and difficult for leaders to implement these initiatives, it’s time for that to change. We are delighted to be partnering with Ottowa and Halifax and look forward to working with more Canadian cities as we begin our important, happy task of creating a road map and certification programs for companies across the country who wish to adopt cultures of flexibility.”

Ottowa mayor Jim Watson said the face of the city is changing through significant investments in transportation. “During this time of transition, WORKshift will help us manage traffic demand, support innovation and collaboration, attract and retain talent, and drive productivity across the city.”

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