‘Demand for time management software up 45%’

SONY DSCDemand for staff time management systems to support mobile and flexible working has increased significantly, a software provider has said.

Carval computing, which supplies HR, payroll and time & attendance software, has reported a 45% rise in demand for products which can deal with the complexities of flexible and mobile work patterns. This coincided with the start of the recession said the company, and includes a need for systems that work on mobile phones and use GPS for location information.

John Ovington, sales and support director at Carval, said: “The ubiquitous adoption of mobile technology has led to a huge increase in more flexible ways of working. Managing this flexibility where there may be many different work patterns can be an issue. Add to this the realities of business during a recession with organisations needing to ensure that they are using their workforce as efficiently as possible to meet business demands and you get a highly complex challenge.”

He added: “We have also been asked for facial recognition technology for field based workers, homeworkers and those working in challenging and/or high security environments so that organisations can monitor remote workers in the same way that they would on-site workers.”

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gibospics/

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