Flexible working promises property boost

Bürohaus Hamburger WelleMore than half of employees want the opportunity to work flexibly, meaning companies could reduce their property portfolios.

That’s according to a survey by software provider Planon, which questioned over 100 professionals on the subject.

The real estate and facilities management software specialist said companies could benefit from introducing flexible working policies and that many initiatives could be easily implemented.

Tim Clapham, marketing director at Planon, said: “We are seeing the traditional 9-5 work pattern being replaced with more flexible working practices. However, our survey reveals that this practice is not yet completely widespread.”

He added: “The large number of employees that are still being denied these options could be working below their full potential, and may also be less efficient than others who are enjoying greater flexibility.”

Clapham said allowing employees to work remotely, on the go or in a hot-desking environment means businesses can reduce their property portfolios and save money.

Image credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tf28/

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