Civil service reform failing to create modern workplace

7279443574_934a415830_oGovernment has failed to make sufficient progress towards enabling flexible working and creating modern workplaces for civil servants, the Cabinet Office has admitted.

It is to introduce flexible working guidelines from autumn, allowing staff to “embrace working from different locations fully”.

From October the department said it will introduce one recognised government pass so staff can move freely between different offices and, critically, introduce common IT platforms to “accelerate adoption of modern, flexible and resilient devices for civil servants.”

In its Civil Service Reform Plan: one year on report, government said some departments have made good progress in enhancing the workplace “in line with local plans for estate rationalisation”. This refers to the release of funds through consolidating and selling off surplus land and buildings, which has so far generated £310m.

However, the report said cross-government work is only just beginning, with resources and an implementation plan being put in place now.

“This is one of the actions with the greatest potential to improve civil servants’ day-to-day working lives. However, it is one where the least progress has been made, and it is absolutely essential that its implementation is prioritised and the necessary resources secured.”

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